Hi, I'm Elaine... And I Know I Can Change Your Life

How? Because everything I want to show you is based on how my life changed too
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I Discovered a Confidence
I Didn't Know I Had

SPEAKING DIDN’T COME NATURALLY TO ME. But working with the charity was a perfect fit. I’d worked with young people. I’d also been part of Toastmasters amateur speaking club. And my confidence grew, day after day.

But eventually the work dried up. My finances were looking precarious…again! And I was dealing with some crushing personal news. I gave a few speaking workshops, but my heart wasn’t in it. And then the fates stepped in again when I was introduced to a personal development course that changed my life.

While on the course, I listened to someone share a story that was so close to mine I could have written it myself.

IT WAS A MOMENT OF PURE INSPIRATION. She’d realised that life still offered her a huge opportunity to transform the lives of others.

Put simply, she had dreams to fulfil and nothing was going to stop her.

That Was My Lightbulb Moment!

Until then I’d been concentrating on reasons and excuses not to fulfil on my dreams. Now I knew different. Our dreams have to be bigger than our reasons and excuses. In fact, so big that when we want to give up…

Elaine Powell

Our Dreams...

Keep us uplifted

They keep us focused

They keep us moving forward

I Looked Back so I Could See a Future

For me, the thrill going forward was to give others the confidence to see that ‘speaking’ presented a wonderful opportunity. Something to be enjoyed, not feared. Something satisfying, fulfilling and MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL … REWARDING.

Over the next few years, I trained and learned with the best in the world and invested in personal development programs to better understand myself, my skills and my ability to teach others.

Today, I get paid thousands of pounds to speak. But it’s not just about reward!

I get great professional satisfaction too by training others to master these skills, share their story, and grow their business as a result.

With hard work and perseverance, speaking is a lucrative career. But for most of us mere mortals, it doesn’t come naturally. The important thing is to learn from those who’ve already mastered the art.

And that's My Story!

So you see…I’ve been there. I was the person who had the knockbacks and the disappointments. And that’s why I know that when you discover your hidden abilities – and learn how to really develop them – anything is possible.

And I do mean anything!

So, What's Your Story?