Learn What It Really Takes to Get on the TEDx Stage
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Become a heart-centred thought leader

Are you ready to get on the path to accelerated business growth, higher income, and A-list status in your industry?

When you get on a TEDx stage and deliver a lights-out speech that will attract the attention of your ideal clients, customers, and business networks, that path is exactly where you’ll be headed.

The MindSpeak Masterclass is for business owners, coaches, consultants, industry experts, and entrepreneurs who have a business but can’t figure out how to elevate beyond whatever seems to be limiting them now. That might be time, resources, opportunities, too much competition, lack of name recognition, or many other things.

The Masterclass introduces you to the world of TEDx, which is distinct from but closely related to TED Talks. You’ll learn how others have got onto a TEDx stage can give you the three critical assets you need if you want to become a sought-after and well-paid thought leader in your industry.


Those three assets are:

• Visibility
• Credibility

• Authority

When you have those, you will be able to attract your most ideal clients without having to waste tens of thousands on PR, branding, blogs, and social media posts. You can stop relying so much on ever-changing technology that is never as easy to use as they promise.

Elaine Powell's Mindspeak Live Masterclass
Elaine Powell

In the MindSpeak Masterclass, you will discover how to:

  • Get on the TEDx stage
  • How to get your application accepted the first time, not the 40th time (yes – this happens, more often than you would believe)
  • Increase your visibility, credibility, and authority
  • Make an impact in your industry and in the world
  • Scale your business
  • Land paid speaking gigs

TEDx may be the most underrated but extremely powerful marketing tool in the digital world, because it achieves in just one event what will take you years to accomplish using traditional online marketing and networking methods.

You already have the knowledge. You have the expertise. You have the business.

What you don’t have is thought leadership or a platform from which to influence your industry from a position of authority. Getting on the TEDx stage is the single fastest way to get there.

Sign up for the FREE Masterclass and learn how others get onto that stage.

This is your first step toward accelerated career and income growth. You’ll be on a path that can get you there in months rather than years.

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