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Become a TEDx Speaker.
Become a Thought Leader.
Supercharge You and Your Business Growth.

Do you have aspirations of speaking on a TEDx stage or get paid to speak?

Do you have a fairly successful business but feel like you’ve hit a wall?

  • You’ve reached a plateau and don’t know how to get beyond it.
  • You’re still stuck having to ‘sell’ yourself as you look for ways to differentiate from others in your industry. If you do have a plan, you don’t have time to pursue and implement it.
  • You’ve got a good financial foundation, but you know you’re worth more.
  • You know you have a lot to offer, whether it’s knowledge, skills, powerful insights, a unique perspective, or a system and approach to solving problems or answering questions that really works.

And yet, you still find yourself nervous about getting new clients and customers, maintaining payroll, and sustaining what you have. You just don’t have enough time to work on cultivating yourself as an industry expert, authority, influencer, and leader.


In fact, what you’re experiencing is what almost every experienced business owner, entrepreneur, and industry leader faces at some point. Most never get past it.

That’s because having a business is one thing, but being recognized as a thought leader in your industry is quite another.

So join me to elevate your Credibility, Visibility, Income and Impact.
5 Mistakes that Stop You Becoming a TEDx Speaker Ebook

Free Ebook

Download Free 5 Mistakes That Stop You Becoming A TEDx Speaker
There are a lot of misconceptions about speaking on a TEDx stage. This is going to get you super clear on what actually works.

Free TEDx Masterclass

Free Masterclass

The Masterclass is a free training for successful business owners, experts and entrepreneurs that addresses the two biggest challenges with becoming a TEDx speaker. Those challenges include getting your application accepted – meaning learning how TEDx works, who’s behind it, what they’re looking for, etc – and giving your talk.

The Ultimate Speaker Program

The Ultimate Speaker Program

There are two ways - the slow way, and the way I can help you with that which is much faster. The slow way can take you years.  Decades.  It may never happen because so many others are trying to do it themselves, using the same methods, and the technology keeps changing.
The fast way - that can happen within less than one year is to firstly, get you on a TEDx stage and secondly leverage it afterwards for paid speaking engagements.



Jennifer Tolo


Susanne De Munck Mortier


Morton Patterson


Allan Roberts

Speaker and Mentor

Ina Maniskova


Doyin Sonibare

ADHD Advocate

Premraj Kalapadan

Employee Retention Expert

Katie Rose

Jessica Huie TEDx Speaker

“It is the most incredible gift to have some body hear and see you to such a degree that they are able to act as a sort of mid wife to your message. That’s exactly the role that Elaine played for me as I developed my TEDx Talk.
To be able to use our voice and speak our truth is something very special, and I’ll be forever grateful to Elaine for being such an integral part of that process.” ❤️

Mirela Sula TEDx Speaker

“Elaine held me accountable and made me stretch my speaking skills. I wouldn’t have been able to deliver my talk at that level if it was not for her. Definitely one of the best speaker coaches out there”

Enas Daeki TEDx Speaker

”Elaine is the best coach for public speaking.  I called her three weeks prior to my TEDx talk and I was panicking. I thought my TEDx talk was about my story but Elaine helped me to find an idea worth spreading that I have been born to deliver.  Elaine rewrote my script with me and got rid of a lot of fluff that wasn't necessary.  She is the best in capturing the strongest point in my talk and making it punchy and strong.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jessica Huie TEDx Speaker

'Elaine Powell is an outstanding and inspirational communicator. I had the privilege of working with Elaine for 7 months and in that time her motivating and innovative approach towards public speaking and engaging people through the art of storytelling was transformative and compelling. Elaine instilled me with confidence and a plethora of techniques that were the catalyst for delivering an enthralling TEDx experience. Elaine is truly one of the best people I have had the privilege of meeting and working with and her ability to continually develop people is a hallmark of her brilliance.
I would strongly endorse the expertise of Elaine for anyone that truly wants to master the art of public speaking, self-fulfilment, or storytelling. Elaine's passionate and captivating personality is something that I would encourage people to sample. Her investment in people to become the best version of themselves is testament to the exceptional capabilities of a truly beautiful and gifted human being and communicator'.

Meet Elaine

I curated a TEDx youth event and led it for three years.

Since then, I have also:

Produced over 52 TEDx speakers so far

Spoken at over 200 events

Trained over 30,000 speakers

Delivered over 600 workshops

Coached in high performance programs

Been a six figure paid professional speaker for over eight years

Few, if any, public speaking coaches have that amount of experience.

If you want the best, you have found me.

And if you want the visibility, credibility, and authority that comes with a successful TEDx talk and speaking, so you can scale up your business in a matter of months, rather than having to use the slow and steady approach that almost everyone else is using – then now is the time to act.

Look forward to seeing you in the next MindSpeak Academy Masterclass or speak with you on a Speaker Strategy Call!
Let’s do this.